Modern Poolscape

Brewster, NY

The bridge from the architectural to the natural is affected by the spatial layout of the landscape.  For this project, GJL designed a unique geometric path to compliment the modern architecture of the home and pool.  The far corners of the poolscape are insulated by mass plantings of perennials and ornamental grasses that provide structure from afar and intimacy from within. Nuanced repetitions of plant communities are found throughout the property, from the entrance to the backyard, for a cohesive composition. 

This grid-like, geometric pattern of bluestone squares with grass joints is both formal and casual, reasserting the linear formality and yet blending right in to the very relaxed landscape.
Working with the strong and defined lines and contours of this generous architectural space, we utilized container planting in conjunction with sweeping beds and tree planting.
Container plantings create a fun & seasonal entry focal point.
The power of mass planting is demonstrated by this wonderful combination of Black-eyed Susan, Daisies and ornamental grasses
This mature planting along the walkway creates a sense of mystery and an invitation to the stunning landscape beyond – it connects the driveway and garage to the pool area.
Strong lines of the garage are softened by curvilinear beads, whispy ornamental grasses, and flowering trees.
The pattern and lines of the deck are echoed in the pattern of the walk which strengthens the overall effect as a gestalt: an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.
Invite a boulder with character into you intimate inner circle.
These small but generous cup gardens, outdoor furnishings, and umbrellas nicely accessorize the spacious pool environment.
Check out those thriving organic gardens!
Easily accessible from the deck and kitchen are bountiful herb and veggie container gardens.
Clean lines and plentiful blooms makes a happy home.
Circulation becomes an art form in a thoughtfully designed landscape.
A vibrant understory planting around this foundation maple becomes a focal point from the interior and exterior.