Contemporary Ecological

Putnam Valley, NY

After the addition of a new front porch, these clients in Putnam Valley, NY wanted to redesign the entry walk and replace the front lawn.  In the words of the client: “Our front yard last year was all grass. This year it is all perennials with a focus on supporting pollinators. Such a big improvement for us and for the insane number of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds all over the place!” In addition to the planting, GJL crafted a fieldstone entry path, secondary gravel garden path, and a grand fieldstone staircase to connect the lower yard. Watch the project from start to finish on our YouTube channel!

Front garden after one season. Along with our standard process of amending the soil with organic compost and biostiumalants, we timed this installation with the new moon, following biodynamic principals that suggest higher productivity when coordinated with the lunar calendar.
BEFORE: the existing concrete walkway no longer connects to the front door. The beautiful front porch addition needed an equally grand entry walk.
Rustic fieldstone connects the new front steps to the driveway.
AFTER: The final touches on the fieldstone path were “steppable” ground covers in the joints that provide burst of color and movement.
Close up shot of Sedum in the front walkway.
AFTER:Pollinator entrance garden post-install.
Magnificent growth in just one season!
Gravel garden path meanders through the pollinator garden, connecting driveway and lower stairs.
Native perennials were chosen for their hardiness in the region and ecological value for local wildlife.
BEFORE: a steep slope from the front yard to the barn was difficult to navigate and maintain as a lawn.
GJL constructed a rustic flagstone staircase to connect the front yard with the lower side yard, as seen from this view from the front porch.
The staircase splits, leading to the lower barn on one side and a seating area to the other. A “boulder rail” accents and defines the edges.
Staircase looking towards the house, with some local wildlife.
Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthia latifolium) has spectacular seed heads and fall color for multi-season interest.L4nd$c4p3!